Freelance Illustrator John Keaveney

A Portsmouth University graduate, John Keaveney is now working as a freelance Illustrator in London.

Mad Men Megan Art By John Keaveney

‘Since graduating from Portsmouth University in 2010 with my degree in Illustration I have been working as a freelance illustrator based in London. My freelance artwork has involved projects in advertising, film & TV, album covers, Game Apps and architectural illustration.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects, Illustrating and designing artwork for Film posters working in –house at Empire Design. Here I produced concept art for TV Shows and trailers, working for clients such as, Disney, Warner Bros, Fox Searchlight Pictures, AMC (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead) and more. Working at Empire Designs gave me the fantastic opportunity to illustrate the International campaign for ‘Stoker’ with my partner which was the highlight of my career so far.’

Mad Men Don Draper Art By John Keaveney

‘I get a lot of inspiration from Pop culture with my love for comics and films. I look at numerous blogs to discover what’s current. A lot of my inspirations come from artists like Bob Peak, Alex Ross, James Jean and Iain McCaig.’ With my work I try to create a ‘retro’ vision, painting both traditionally and digitally, while staying true to traditional aesthetic.

I’m hoping to add a lot more variety in my portfolio. I will plan to create vector artwork with a retro style. I plan to continue working on poster artwork and I’m really looking forward to experimenting with animation, bringing my artwork to life!’

Drive font Art By John Keaveney

Drive Poster Art By John Keaveney

Lynda Carter WW Art By John Keaveney

Stoker poster Art By John Keaveney

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