Freelance Illustrator Ruby Roberts

Ruby Roberts is a freelance illustrator currently residing on the Devon Coast. Her work is a mixture of traditional and digital techniques.

excellent deer

‘I enjoy the relationship between text and image and am also a keen writer of stories. My work is influenced by the Cornish countryside I grew up in and I find that the longer I live in the city, the more this is true! I also enjoy creating work as a reaction to things that bother me. Recently I created a mini-book featuring hairy mermaids for girls aged 11-17. I am increasingly narked by the media’s portrayal of perfectly hairless women. Especially when women in film and TV are placed in life or death situations and yet somehow still find the time to shave their pits? Baffling! I am a firm believer in everyone being comfortable with looking how they wish; this book was a reaction to that.’


‘My current project is a picture book about a jumper-stealing monster and a child who goes on an adventure to get their favourite jumper back. Both the monster and child are genderless, as I wanted to challenge traditional gender role portrayals. The book is written with an open narrative in mind to enable children to question whether or not the gender of the child actually matters.’

phesant digital drawing

‘I am currently a week away from finishing a degree in Illustration at Plymouth University! I also have a foundation diploma in art and design.’

marmaids 2

mermaids 1


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