Graphic Designer Cameron Knott

Cameron Knott recently completed his honours year studying graphic design at Edinburgh Napier University.


‘My design project aims to advocate the negative rhetoric that surrounds immigration as well as the media & political manipulation/scapegoating of immigrants in a visually shocking way. My strongest pieces consist of sharp 3D typographic shards which come out of the posters to represent the prejudiced opinions. I also created 3D posters based on the current tragedies occurring in the Mediterranean Sea. These 3D posters contain water.’




‘Negative portrayals of immigrants in the media and by politicians are dehumanising. It paints a frightening picture of a system that manipulates the fear and intolerance that exists in public opinion towards immigrants. The shards represent the intolerance created by the media and politicians and how they are fueling this poisoned rhetoric.’




Website | @cammyk1