Illustration & Visual Communication Graduate Robbie Anson Duncan

Robbie Anson Duncan graduated from the University of Westminster in 2014, achieving a first class honours in Illustration & Visual Communication.

Robbie Anson Duncan - Design Juices - Surface Design

‘My work contains a symbiotic balance of curiosity and form. I take inspiration from natural patterns and biological phenomena; Such as bioluminescence, magnetic interactions and geometry. I love to play, and make mistakes; But everything I do is rigorously documented. This obsession with cataloguing the process behind my work with blogs, images and quantitative data came from my involvement with an arts & science collaboration known as Broad Vision. I aspire to be a versatile designer, and through constant experimentation collaboration I’ll continue to reflect upon my journey as a creative.’

Robbie Anson Duncan - Design Juices - Laser cut Zotefoam Fashion in colab with Matthew Witcombe

‘I graduated from the University of Westminster, gaining a 1st Class Honours in Illustration & Visual Communication. Since graduating I have been working with young and fresh on the scene fashion designers like Rachel James, Matthew Witcombe, Katherine Usher, Nyamka Crosswell & Katy Lees. I use my skills in Adobe Illustrator, CAD programming and Laser cutting/engraving to push the boundaries of what materials can be enhanced with Laser technology. For the past 8 months I have been working as a studio Intern and Laser Technician at the University of Westminster’s Harrow Campus.’

Robbie Anson Duncan - Design Juices - Fe Labyrinthine Textile Design

‘I have always had a fascination with biology and design; A passion for biomimicry and a desire to find a way to integrate nature inspired influences into captivating products, projects and installations. I am hoping to continue working with colleagues from the Broad Vision collective and further the exploration of integrating bioluminescent bacteria with physical computing technology to create immersive installations with my colleagues Mateusz Gidaszeweki, Charlie Dixon, Camila Gaspar & Dr. Mark Clements.’

Robbie Anson Duncn - Design Juices - Laser Cut Brain Slice

Robbie Anson Duncan - Design Juices - Lumi Electroluminescent Light

Robbie Anson Duncan - Design Juices - Stigma Jewellery