Liverpool based Photographer Lauren George

Lauren George is a 21 year old Graphic Design and Illustration graduate from Liverpool John Moores University.

Design Juices 5640 Film 2

‘I’ve studied there for the past 3 years and I totally love Liverpool! I find it inspires a great deal of my projects. I never did a foundation degree, which definitely made getting in to my first choice at Liverpool all the more sweet!

I started becoming interested in photography during second year, in particular lo-­‐fi film photography but I’m a sucker for my SLR. I use a lot of disposable cameras, I love them, they’re my secret weapon for taking sneaky pictures (which makes me sound creepy, but I’m not honest). I love going out and taking pictures, not knowing how they’re going to turn out is so exciting! But I do love learning more about my SLR and using film and digital together to contrast one another. My most recent project that I used both types to create was 5640, based around my younger sisters gymnastic hobby. I took these photos with the mindset of challenging perceptions of female body image in society today. I saw some weird ass Instagram comments from her friends saying things like “figure bae!” and thought it was so crazy I had to do something with that.’

Design Juices 5640 Digital 2

Design Juices 5640 Digital

‘I have several influences but my all time fave has to be Ryan McGinley, he’s amazing. In fact he was a great deal of inspiration in my GARP (Graphic Arts Research Project – the thing tutors tell you isn’t a dissertation because you draw and are like “What, I have to write stuff now?”… but totally is a dissertation). I based it on Terry Richardson, but avoided all the bog standard, overdone moral implications and focused purely on Photographers and what they are trying to create, comparing them against each other and against industries alike. It’s a good read and was a great subject to write about, plus if you’re a hella pervert it includes lots of sex, boobs and butts.

I’m currently working on a project that focuses on Liverpool City Centre takeaways late at night. I really want to get pictures of all the dolled up scouse girls because they really know how to dress for a night out! But then you see them, in said takeaways, covered in garlic mayo with a set of eyelashes stuck to their left tit. I love photographs of stuff like that. Here’s to hoping I don’t get punched!’

Design Juices Takeaways

Design Juices Takeaways 2

Design Juices 5640 Film

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