Plymouth University Illustration Student Thom Simpson

The illustration work of Thom Simpson is all hand drawn, first in pencil, then inked with fine line pens, before being scanned, tidied in photoshop, and reprinted to give them the best quality possible.


‘My inspirations come from a number of places, mainly animals and the natural world. I love anything rustic and traditionally wild- ancient tools, bones, wood and leaves. English animals have always had a very special place in my heart. The artists Victoria Clare Grey and Peter Carrington have been two major influences on my style.’


‘I’m about to start my second year at Plymouth University, studying to achieve BA Hons in Illustration, which is helping me to figure out the commercial side of working as an artist. However, I’ve always known exactly what I like, and how I want to shape my style. Black and white imagery, textures and details, and pieces of medieval or ancient symbolism are the main factors that shape my work. I think it’s extremely important that, as a creator, I make things that I love, so I’ve focused recently on drawing for myself, developing my style and honing my techniques- and I think its made a whole world of difference, as I’m the happiest with my work that I’ve ever been.’


‘My most recent projects have involved designing the album artwork for folk artist Abigail Lee’s EP, Darkest Before Dawn, and I always love to take on commissions and requests for tattoo designs, I’m in the process of designing a few for myself at the moment.’




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