Surface Pattern and Textiles Designer Julia Grifol

Julia Grifol graduated from Artistic Illustration and Fashion Design at the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Valencia, she is now a Surface Pattern and Textiles Designer.

Julia  Grifol

‘Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be a designer, all my textbooks were filled with doodles. That passion and need to draw, have been a constant throughout my life. I am graduated in Artistic Illustration and Fashion Design at the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Valencia. I’ve developed children’s fashion collections, textile prints, and graphic projects in the Fashion and Stationary fields, specifically for the children’s market for both Spanish and international brands and adapting to the required style.

All this large versatile and commercial experience has helped me learn and develop my own personal style shown in my work: an effortless, fresh and naïve style highlighted by the use of cheerful and bright colors. At the moment I’m working as a freelance designer and sell and license my patterns to companies and textile studios in the home and fashion industries, and on online print-on-demand websites. I currently accept commissions and collaborative projects.’


‘Since I was a girl at school I felt the necessity of drawing every day. My teachers gave me lots of reprimands as my text books were plenty of fashion sketches. My best marks were always at drawing! I usually played to believe I was a fashion designer who worked in New York. I had a strong vocation! Besides my uncle was a professional oil painter and I loved to watch him painting in his studio or in the countryside. I suppose he taught me that passion for arts.

My inspiration comes from everywhere, art, nature, travels, fashion, Spanish light, and way of life (we love going out ) inspires me a lot. I leave on the eastern coast of Spain, and walking along the beach is very inspiring. I love the design art in all its aspects. I love designing bright and happy florals patterns in a childish and naïve way.’

my dancing flowers

my happy garden

Julia Grifold Cushions

tropical leaves

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