LJMU Graphic Design & Illustration Graduate Daniel Howden

Daniel Howden is originally from York but is now based in Liverpool, he graduated from LJMU in Graphic Design & Illustration this summer.

MAP 600

‘Thankfully, I was introduced to Lino Cut during my foundation year at York College. Up until this point I exclusively painted footballers poorly. The College had these fantastic 19th century Albion Presses, which I didn’t truly appreciate at the time, and I found myself becoming more experimental as a result. I was very apathetic towards the idea of university and fondly remember missing an interview at Middlesex, realising where I should have been whilst bathing. (Shout out to Middlesex) I wound up in Liverpool and am really grateful for that and highly recommend the course. Liverpool itself? I’m still undecided.’


‘I think it’s fair to say that my work, now, consists almost entirely of Lino. I include felt tips from time to time, but I’ve always preferred to be decent at a couple of things as apposed to average at many. I’d say my approach to printmaking is fairly unorthodox as I’m self-taught and therefore use whatever I have at my disposal. My weapons of choice tend to be these primary school-style, water-soluble inks that are cheap and don’t require Turps, my Mum’s old glass chopping board to roll onto and a 601-page book that I use as a print press. I think self-sufficiency is really important and therefore always either work from my imagination or self-sourced photographs. I use the notes app on my Ipod to store ideas, which I can then, literally, tap into when the harsh winters come, that’s a bird analogy…

I focused my dissertation on studio space and emailed 256 Illustrators to gather research. Fortunately for me, 87 replied, and I know consider myself well read with regards to other illustrators. This is important to say as, at 17, I was one of those dicks that sited themselves as their biggest influence. My biggest influences currently, are Israeli illustrator/animator Assaf Benharroch, English printmaker Chris Wormell and American filmmaker Casey Neistat, whose work ethic is fucking terrifying.’


‘I really enjoy creating characters and narratives within work and haven’t had chance to do much of that of late, so I’m currently in the sketchbook process of an idea surrounding a Cub Scout Pack from Massachusetts, and that’s all I can divulge.’