LJMU Graphic Design & Illustration Graduate Samatha Warner

Samantha Warner is a designer, illustrator & animator based in Manchester, she graduated this summer from Liverpool John Moores University in Graphic Design and Illustration.


‘The past three years have gone so quick! Liverpool wasn’t my initial choice until I got a great feeling from the course and the city when I came to visit! I’m glad I trusted my instincts; I’ve enjoyed living here and being around other creatives has been valuable to developing my skills and learning about the industry.’


‘I see myself as an illustrator/designer/animator/image-maker/visual communicator. I don’t have a specific style and my most recent projects have been quite different in their subjects and outcomes. From animated dance notation symbols alongside film clips from Singin’ in the Rain to hand drawn typography prints to collaged portraits of celebrities and politicians. I enjoy working in different ways and I don’t feel like I could ever pick one! My outcome is always what I feel is relevant to the project.

Even though my styles can vary I feel the subjects all have similarities. I always aim for an original idea and to create something that focuses on something that hasn’t really been highlighted before. I like getting peoples attention with my work; by being something someone may laugh at or learn something new from. I feel like I am constantly looking at the world to take influences for my work, from the way a publication is laid out to a colour pallete I like. There are so many great designers out there that it can make you feel so trivial but it also makes you excited to get involved.’

Faces Wall

‘I have recently moved back to Manchester and I’m now searching for my next step: looking for possible opportunities and getting myself out there. When I first handed all my University work in, it was such a weird (and horrible) feeling of not knowing what comes next. I’ve been keeping myself busy to avoid that again! I’m working on personal projects by developing my collaged people style (I’ll be creating and sharing them more regularly) and I am also planning to use my animated Labanotation again with other types of dance footage.’




Website | @samanthawarnerr