Arts University Bournemouth Illustration Graduate Samantha Dance

Samantha Dance is a socially conscious Illustrator from Oxfordshire. She studied Ba hons Illustration at The Arts University Bournemouth.


‘I have always had a keen interest in architecture, especially that which pre-dates the 1900s, probably because I have always lived amongst the spires of the beautiful city of Oxford. When I decided to study illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth I found my work returning to architectural themes at every turn.’


‘Although I enjoyed painting buildings I wanted to achieve more with my work than simply creating a ‘pretty picture’. I have always had a strong moral code and sense of justice, and an interest in human nature and psychology: what makes us humans tick. However, finding a way to join these two core interests through my study proved challenging. It was only in my final year of study that I began to accomplish what I set out to achieve, using the current housing crisis to bring together these two topics.’


‘I tend to use primarily inks and watercolours in my work, and I prefer to work to a smaller scale as it enables me to focus more on what is important to me – honing in on the smaller details of the building, person or animal I am representing. I also feel that smaller images are more personal to the audience and require the viewer to take a closer look and really think about what they are looking at. I want my work to be understated but powerful.





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