Fashion Design Graduate Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson is a fashion design graduate from Nottingham Trent University, specialising in print design for fashion textiles.

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‘My Graduate Collection ‘ A head full of flowers’ was inspired more by a mood than anything else. I wanted to produce prints and clothes that were youthful, fun and a little bit crazy. I looked at the 1960’s in general to begin with as love the care-free attitude the youth at that time displayed and how it affected all parts of society such as art and music. My prints developed from ideas of pop-art and flower power to create floral designs that were different from that on the market currently.’

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‘Not one or even a few certain things inspire me, I find anything can inspire me whether it is the way concrete is peeling away at the surface or a vintage tile design, so I took inspiration from all sorts of things that conjure up a feeling of excitement in me.

I wasn’t trying to produce a collection with a concept, but by actively doing this I made a collection that the meaning became about just producing garments that I thought were exciting. I love creating images that are beautiful, Every garment that I have designed and made only seemed to be enhanced by adding print. I love drawing and painting and clothing so Print design for me included everything I loved doing.’

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‘I have only known that I wanted to go into print design for the last two years. I first found my flair and eye for print and colour in my second year at university where I produced prints for Ted Baker Menswear and was praised highly by tutors, ted baker professional and my fellow students. In hindsight it was an obvious choice for me because I was studying fashion but had always been a keen painter and attended Saturday art school for years. I have always been creative and had a handmade jewellery company when I was 15 that I sold online and in a local hairdressers. I went to Saturday art school for years, I was always customizing my clothes, altering hems and putting in zips for family and friends and even making fabric beds for my dog that had fluff and sequins all over them.’


‘Before going to NTU to study fashion design I did a foundation degree at UCA Rochester, this really helped me harness in my creativity and taught me how to produce original and creative designs. The foundation degree covered all things from fine art to jewellery design and was great for me as I am interested in all things arty. When I went to Nottingham Trent I found it difficult to transition from such a creative environment to the accuracy of pattern cutting, industrial manufacture and rules! However learning how to pattern cut and manufacture clothes only made my designs more exciting, more realistic and professional. My knowledge of studying fashion design alongside my passion of print meant that I learnt how different colours, shapes and repeat sizes of prints really work on different garments and fabrics. I have had a well-rounded education and feel that I have been taught so many different aspects of the industry that I am now in a great position as a graduate.’


‘I am currently doing a few print design internships to really learn about this sector of the industry as my placements before have been in garment/accessory design and branding & merchandising. I was never taught print design wholly at university so most of what I know I have taught myself so these internships provide me with more knowledge and push my skills within print design.

I am also voluntarily painting a murial at the seaside in Worthing next month for the council. The Murial is a seaside scape filled with vintage cartoon drawings famously published on postcards in the past. It will be tongue-in-cheek and fun!’

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Lauren Anderson

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