Fashion Graduate Emily Dunnage

Emily Dunnage is a graduate of Falmouth University in Fashion Design.


‘I tend to gain inspiration from a feeling/emotion, I explore deep within that concept to communicate visually how I think it should look. Im fascinated with bringing so much research together to create a collection that everyone can relate too. I love the idea of people connecting with my work and not just seeing it as clothing.’


‘For my graduate collection ‘Betrayal’ the inspiration originated from the 1925 book ‘The Great Gatsby’ By F. Scott Fitzgerald. The strong emotion of betrayal throughout the book and how it can change your life inspired my final collection. I wanted to explore the feeling of betrayal. How people cope, what it visually looks like, what it feels like. Within my research I demonstrated the feeling of betrayal to be like suffocation, mourning, smoke and uncertainty which lead to the main focus of my collection.’


‘I was always a keen drawer. When ever I sat to watch television with my family or when I should of been doing my math homework I was always drawing. I loved art from a very young age. It wasn’t until I was about 9 that I started to design clothes. I loved how beautiful women looked in the magazines. How clothing enhanced their beauty. I wanted to make women feel confident, beautiful and happy in their own skin and my clothes!

The BBC program ‘Casualty’ was looking for extra’s in my local area. When I got selected to become an extra I experienced behind the scenes. I saw how involved the costume department was within filming and that was the exact moment I knew I wanted to be involved in clothing, learn about fashion and become a costume designer. I dedicated myself to textiles in school and then even more dedicated when I attended West Wales school of the Arts to study an Extended Diploma in Fashion and Clothing. Falmouth University was my next big aim. The Fashion design course in Falmouth has a good name and a good reputation for success. I knew being in Cornwall studying Fashion Design would be a dream come true. I wanted to know about fashion, learn about the body and designing around it. I have loved learning about pattern cutting, designing for a market, hand knitting, creating a brand, making real clothes that I designed. I am now graduating from Falmouth University with so much love for my subject and so much respect for the University, the tutors, friends and family that inspire me everyday and helped my 9 year old self dream come true of having a degree in Fashion Design.’


I am currently looking for experience in the costume departments around the world.’

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