Freelance Graphic Artist & Illustrator Joe Rampley

A graduate of Art & Design (Fine art) from Blackpool & The Fylde College and Liverpool School of Art & design, Joe Rampley loves making clean, minimalist illustrations.


‘My current illustration practice was spawned from my time at Blackpool & The Fylde College (where I completed my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design). I specialised in Fine Art, and for my final pieces I painted three canvases, all of suburban architecture in my home town of Poulton-Le-Fylde. This was the start of a love affair with architectural illustrative reduction. Three years on, and my engagement with technology during my time at Liverpool School of Art & Design, has seen my image making develop. I find reducing a structure to it’s key elements satisfying, and balancing which colours may work well with one another is a vital step in creating what I do.’

One Park West Revisited

‘My work, at this current time, focuses on the relationship between Liverpool’s unique architecture, and minimalist architectural illustration. Liverpool’s architecture on or near the docks is extremely unique. There is a massive variety of buildings situated in this area. My illustration technique of reducing shapes, colours and compositions is an attempt to document these unique buildings using a minimalist approach to illustration. I took hundreds of photos around Liverpool for this series of illustrations, and selected photos based on their compositions and how the building could be illustrated through my particular style. I then began the illustration process in Photoshop. When I start to create a piece like this, I never really know how it will turn out. There’s times when I’ve spent hours creating a piece like this, with confidence over the choice of building, and the composition of it, and it just doesn’t translate well using my reductive style, so it can be hit and miss at times. But once I find a building that really works well in this capacity, it’s really exciting.’

Liverpool One

‘My passion for architecture is truly fed when I create these images. I have particularly fallen in love with a building in Liverpool called One Park West (the cream, green, and grey building I have illustrated twice). It’s a building which translates beautifully in illustration form. I’m a big David Hockney fan, and take a lot of inspiration from the way he chooses to simplify elements of what he sees around him. I’m thinking of taking what I’ve learnt about my skill set over the last three years, and translating them back onto canvas, and paint. I plan to begin work on a new series focusing on architecture in Manchester within the next few weeks. The idea of a whole new city to explore, to photograph, and to eventually illustrate, is an exciting concept to me, and I can’t wait to get stuck in.’

One Park West

Pink Brutalist

Two Windows

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