Freelance Graphic Designer Sean Purdy

‘I believe in design that warrants attention: my work aims to combine a high-concept process with outcomes that provoke a reaction. My projects mainly consist of editorial and identity work, with an emphasis on expressive typography.’

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‘I founded an independent arts magazine while studying History at the University of East Anglia, which was my route into design. I was heavily influenced at the time by all the classic postmodernist super-designers, particularly Neville Brody’s work with The Face and Carson’s Raygun; the idea of high-concept, interpretative editorial design is something that still bleeds into my work today. At university I also discovered Little White Lies (which was right in the middle of its golden period at the time) as well as The Stool Pigeon, an independent music mag which was a really strong example of contemporary post-modern editorial design.’

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‘Following my graduation I was lucky enough to get an internship with the studio of Jonathan Barnbrook, who is another designer that has had a huge influence on my approach. My time there, which encompassed an internship and a subsequent stint as a junior freelancer, cemented my belief in the importance of design with personality. Jonathan is a great example of a designer who has maintained a belief throughout his career in outspoken design; he showed me that it’s possible to be successful without compromising your own personal design beliefs.’

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‘I moved to Brighton in March, after picking up enough freelance work to start my own practice. My current influences twist my postmodern roots with a more refined aesthetic: I particularly love The Gourmand, as an example of a magazine that combines crisp typography with a flexible approach towards composition. My current and recent projects include a role as lead designer of York-based magazine One&Other, identity work for Bedford Hospital (including the identity of their sexual health clinic, Bridge House) and editorial work for Norwich-based publishing house Eggbox.’

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Website | @purdysean