Freelance Illustrator Adam Foreman

Adam Foreman (artist name A4man) is a full time freelance illustrator represented worldwide by Lemonade Illustration Agency.


‘I specialise in character design and game development. Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to build up a sizable client base and worked with developers such as Qwiboo Ltd and Size Five Games to name a few. I have developed the art direction for games such as Beyond Gravity, 42 Orbs and Magma Monsters. I also work on standalone illustrations for clients aside from video games. My visual style is influenced by what I grew up on in the 80’s/90’s. Cartoon Network, reading comics and playing video games. With game consoles such as the Playstation 1 I always loved seeing how the developers crammed so much personality and style into a few polygons. Also being a cartoonist at heart I admire the works of Doug Tennapel and Skottie Young.’


‘In college I focused on my strengths, art! Life drawing classes would consist of a detailed realistic piece followed by a cartoony sketch in the same method (to the disproval of the tutor!). Art led to a graphic design course where I studied layout, fonts and what makes a design work well. My tutor here picked up on my strong style and character design influence and pointed me into the direction of animation. I went on to study animation at The University of Central Lancashire where I achieved a First Class Hons Degree in Animation in 2008.

Now I pour all my knowledge of animation, movement and graphic design into my work. When clients hire me they hire both a graphic designer and artist which has been really useful when working on video games, splash screens and promo pieces etc. I’ve even done bits of animation on some of them.’


‘Right now I am working on a few projects. Some I am unable to currently share but the others consist of games, comics and illustrations. I occasionally work with sculptor Nicola Welbourne who brings my character designs to 3D in the form of sculpts. The current game commission I am working on is called Chain Quest, it’s a lovely little iOS game. Also I am busy working on a game called Lump Jump with a bunch of talented folks from the game and animation industry.’




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