Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer Chris Evans

A graduate in Graphic Design from the University of Lincoln, Chris Evans now works at 3one5 Marketing whilst also working as a freelance illustrator in his spare time.

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‘I’m not so much a designer, as much as I am a hyperactive, gluten for punishment that can never sit still. Who happens to have a pencil in my hand and I just roll with it! Always working around the clock, by day I’m a Graphic Designer at 3one5 Marketing in Birmingham. But by night! I’m a nerdy overly enthusiastic illustrator. From a young age all I did draw usually, inspired by science fiction, films, video games or other interests. Through sheer stubbornness I held onto this skill and my skill set evolved into illustration and eventually combining it with Graphic Design. Which I went onto study at the University of Lincoln. As such my influences are wide reaching from the concept art of Stan Winston to the Graphite drawing/ graphic design combinations of Oh Yeah Studio.’

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‘The most important lesson I learned from university was just do what comes naturally! Even if it’s the ‘wrong’ thing to do. As when I say I can never sit still, I meant that literally. I’m very into health and fitness and now work as a Graphic Designer in that specialist market. Every fitness related business I went to inevitably turned into a conversation about what I do. Which in turn became freelance work (often for free). Until one day I get noticed and receive an email with a job offer. It was weirdly that simple, just by being pro-active and doing what I naturally do. The pieces naturally come together.’

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‘I have the same approach to my personal Illustration work. Whatever floats to the top of my hyperactive imagination somehow manifests it’s self as an illustration. Each successive illustration I attempt a different style, more complex, more detailed, and on a bigger scale. I have no big plan, I just keep churning out work and see where it takes me. Somehow I don’t burn out because it’s not about work to me, It’s not even about money. It’s simply a combination of all the things love doing and everything else is just a happy by-product.’

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