Graphic Designer David Andrews (And At What Cost)

David Andrews is a graphic designer living in Liverpool.


‘My work mainly revolves around producing design work for new, start-up businesses that have got a great idea and just need to convey their message visually to potential customers. But it’s not just logo design and business cards, I also produce vinyl decals for signage and spraypainted murals.

I would rather work with a lot of smaller clients than just a few larger ones, but that’s just personal preference more than anything, although I’m now starting to see this approach paying off with businesses expanding and wanting to keep the same consistent design work across their brand.’


‘I studied Media Moving Image in Chester which has been a major help in producing videos for websites and targeted Facebook advertising, combined with some extra evening classes, a whole library of design books, and countless hours on self-initiated projects have meant I can offer my clients a whole package.

A lot of the influence in my commercial design work actually comes from the customers I am designing for at the time, although most of my own projects are inspired by classic books, nature and my time spent in Japan.’


‘My current self-initiated project is producing infographics for organisations that deserve a lot more recognition that they’re getting. The first one I did was for Liverpool Girl Geeks which highlighted statistics about women in the technology industry to raise awareness of their coding classes. Out of luck more than judgement, this has been an increasingly hot topic on social media with accounts such as MarketingUK and TheDrum running campaigns a few weeks after I released the final image.

The second infographic I made was for The Real Junk Food Project about food wastage and the new laws in France to try and get this under control.’

infographic andatwhatcost

‘I know I have mentioned self-initiated projects a lot, but with nobody telling you what to do, you get to experiment with different styles and produce something which completely reflects you as a designer, artist, or whatever other category you fall into. You will more than likely get good feedback and possibly more work from it.’





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