LJMU Illustration Graduate Shaun Parr

Shaun Parr is an illustrator, who graduated from studying Graphic Design and Illustration at Liverpool John Moores University in 2015.

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‘My work is often influenced around my discoveries of science and geology collections in partnership with museums, seen in my recent self-directed project the Chelonian Archive, which delves into the research of the turtle’s evolution, illustrating specimens from relative bird and reptile species, that have similar visual adaptations. My process is very intricate and I tend to focus on unusual and often complex subjects, which educate an audience that has no knowledge of these traits that have become a forgotten piece of history.’

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‘My other self-directed project focuses on the fossil and heritage collection, items I have collected from the young age. Items such as the shells and corals from the fossil collection where found from my travels in Florida in 2009, as well as including specimens that where gathered from other explorations, or brought back by family members, and even some that are not available on the market. The collection explores the types of fossils that can be found to date, cataloguing these items as part of a continuing fascination with fossils and the knowledge of extinct species they show us.

The Heritage collection, takes the form of various antique items that I inherited from both family bloodlines, the most interesting items, where owned by my granddad William Parr who passed away 7 years ago, his Unicorn darts with wooden dart case and his Kings pool chalk for example have a predominant stand within the collection. The focus of the project was to identify and catalogue these precious items to honour these family members. These collections where on display at the Graphic Design and Illustration Degree show which ran from May 18th to the 12th June this year at the John Lennon Art and Design Academy.’

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‘My Influences are from various places, but I love to visit museums and collect items of varying subjects. Items such as geological stones, fossils and desirable antiques I look for the most. I think there’s an importance to representing science through art, its resurgence has become very popular and my practice educates an audience that doesn’t understand this scientific world.

I am also influenced by 19th to 20th century art, particular the work of Eric Ravilious, Thomas Bewick, Edward Bawden, which I have researched on for my Graphic Arts Research Project, Eric Ravilious: His Influence on Illustration and Contemporary Practice. I’ve been deeply influenced by their printmaking styles, particular Ravilious’s engravings, which my style of practice reflects but within a scientific story telling of items I have researched. I am currently approaching several self-directed projects based on natural sciences and subjects of personal interest, cataloguing an anthology collection of birds from the local area hopefully as an awareness campaign of their decline, as well as other collection projects from my own and other families, such as my granddad Ronnie Taylors extensive fishing collection of reels and bobbers. I am also looking for new projects to explore in collaboration with museums as an on-going interest in science, nature, and collections represented through art.’

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