Fine Art & Illustration Graduate Elly Hudson

Elly is a recent Fine Art & Illustration graduate, and has won the ‘New Talent’ Award within the Drawn Together exhibition at A Thin Place, Luton earlier this year, and has been nominated for the ‘Jane Sutton Award’ through Coventry University.

Working with a brush pen & ink and a few fine liner pens, Elly creates dynamic lined illustrations with her intense black and white colour palette. Elly enjoys applying meticulous detail and tone into her work, and by limiting the colour palette she allows the additions to come through clearly.


Elly’s work explores how flat images can look 3-dimensional by illustrating the form and highlighting the creases and changes in depth when creating replicas of life-size artefacts. It explores the themes of consumerism, individualism and materialistic tendencies within the forms of illustration and installation. Elly’s latest piece was an installation depicting Abraham Maslow’s research into the Hierarchy of needs, within the physiological level for someone to survive: a place for rest, sustenance, bathing, working, shelter, and clothing for warmth. Using a domestic space allowed the viewer to connect to the artefacts found within the space on a subconscious level as the indistinct decoration could relate to items of a similar design within their own home. Reducing the colour palette to a monotonic format, Elly’s installation exudes an eerie atmosphere, implying there is nothing to hide; everything is giving off an air of confidence with the strong black line, and all forms fall into one large flat mass. This permits her to mess with the mind, allowing forms to take on multiple dimensions of depth at one time. It is as if you are stepping into a 3-dimensional drawing.

Alas, Poor Yorick - Submitted

‘I have also exhibited as part of Earlsdon Arts Festival earlier this year, where I created a washing line of tracing paper clothing, hung with pegs 10 ft above a cul-de-sac; taking the drawings and putting them into a real situation, casting them against a stunningly blue sky. I am currently working on a series of typographical experiments, playing with the idea of form, and exhibiting in the Animal Gallery & Studio in Bedford, as well as The Quarry Theatre, Bedford – A-Z is a brush pen & ink illustration depicting the Upper Case alphabet in the format of shirts that are worn on the upper part of the body, and ‘Alas Poor Yorick…’ is also a brush pen & ink illustration that plays with the form of the skull.

One of my largest inspirations is artist Alexa Meade, who paints her living subjects and camouflages them within the painted background of an identical style, creating a living, breathing painting that plays with dimensions.’

Naomi in Installation

Cov Degree Show Image

Earlsdon Art Festival

Laundry Basket

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