Freelance Illustrator James Loram

James Loram is a freelance illustrator currently living in the South West of England and he is represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency.

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‘Drawing has always been a part of my life but it wasn’t until I started my art foundation course after college that I realised the possibilities of illustration. I went onto complete my degree at Plymouth University with a BA (Hons) in Illustration. During my studies I began to focus a lot on animation production, mainly animatics and character design.’

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‘One of my biggest inspirations and influences is mid 20th century design, it was such an exciting and experimental time in design which celebrated the abstract and minimal. Charlie Harper, Mary Blair, Andrew Kolb, Jon Klassen, Meg Park, Amanda Visell and Nate Wragg, are just a very slim number of the artists that inspire me. There are too many talented children’s illustrators to mention!’

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‘When I left university I steered away from animation as my sole career goal and began focusing more on children’s illustration. Steadily over time I revamped my entire portfolio and pushed for work in this field. About a year and a half ago I sough representation with Lemonade Illustration Agency and I was very grateful they took me on. Through them I have had the chance to work with global clients and it’s where the bulk of my work has come from. I have just finished a book project with Oxford University Press and I am currently working on a super fun project for a big client I can’t mention.. yet! In between client work I am constantly working on personal projects, such as a video game zine in collaboration with fellow illustrator Sam Rennocks that should be up for sale soon!’

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Website | @TheJamesLoram