The Drawn Chorus Collective Release Tales from the Deep

The Drawn Chorus Collective is a group of 19 international illustrators who’ve been working together to create crafts, books and exhibitions with a twist. They have recently released their graphic novel anthology ‘Tales from the Deep’.

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‘Described by Guardian cartoonist Steven Collins as a ‘brilliant new anthology from some of the most promising new comics talents around’, Tales from the Deep weaves together a collection of 10 dark and stormy sea tales crafted in an exciting verity of styles. The book features the illustrative talents of ABIGAIL MOULDER, ALEX MOORE, CATHY KWAN, DANIEL DUNCAN, EILEEN KAI HING KWAN, FRED CAMPBELL, LEFKI SAVVIDOU, MARTIN URSELL, NADINE SCHERER and ZANNA ALLEN

A number of contributors to the book have been shortlisted for prestigious illustration awards including The AOI Awards, Macmillan Prize and Folio Competition (guest artist and renowned children’s book illustrator Martin Ursell won the Whitbread Awards for Song of Pentecost).’

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