Fashion Illustrator Emma Mullen

Emma Mullen is a Fashion Illustrator and graduate in Fashion & Textile design back in 2003.


‘I’ve always been creative since I could remember and hugely influenced by music whilst growing up. It is important that I am able to completely lose myself within my artwork. I have to be there, in the moment, focused on the piece in front of me. Music allows me to do this. I love fashion, I love Men’s wear and I love interpreting this in my own atmospheric way as a form of visual communication with the aid of the music around me.

Since graduating in 2003 with a degree in Fashion & Textile Design, I have been working within the Men’s fashion industry. Which is where my love of Men’s wear has evolved and grown. Only in the last few years have I reached for the pencil again and really focused on building my illustration portfolio and developing my work to where it is today. I mainly use chalk on black background as it helps to focus the eye on the subject matter, which is what a good fashion illustration should be able to do. To showcase the garment.’


‘I try not to get too influenced by other artists or illustrators, however I love the work of the great Marshall Arisman, Rene Gruau, Francis Bacon. I love the realness and emotion in the work whilst keeping it fresh and focused on the subject matter. I have a passion for tailoring and designers such as Richard James, Ozwald Boateng, Hedi Slimane, Casley-Haysford, Karl Largerfeld are an influence of subject matter in my work.

I have been lucky enough to attend some of the London Collections: Men shows this year and am currently working on pieces following this. I try to keep moving along with my work and try to pick up pencil and chalk and draw whenever I can.’





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