Freelance Illustrator Mike O’Brien

Mike O’Brien is a graduate of Middlesex University, since graduating he has been working as a freelance illustrator.


‘I like to draw with a graphics tablet and my laptop using a program called Manga Studio which is brilliant for getting natural lines and for making comics. I also love drawing with pencil or with brush and ink. It’s not often I leave the house without sketchbooks and pencils poking awkwardly out of my pockets. I really enjoy working on illustration, comics and animation and buzzing between different projects for all three.’

Ipcress File

‘I graduated from Middlesex University in 2014. We had some really great tutors and I loved being able to draw all day. The tutors helped me to think about pushing what you can do with comics and their layout and we had talks from fantastic comic authors like Stephen Collins and Woodrow Phoenix. They are both quite experimental with the medium and have been really influential in what I’ve been trying to do with my comics, like those I created for a project with Bishop’s Stortford Museum. I’m also generally influenced in my work by classic films as well as illustrators who draw people really well like Bernie Fuchs, Tomer Hanuka, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Ferenc Pinter.’


‘Since graduating, I’ve enjoyed working on freelance illustration jobs and working on collaborative comic and animation projects as well as my own. Later this year I’ll be releasing T-shirt and print designs with Kushi Clothing Store. I’ll also be appearing in an anthology book with the Drawn Chorus collective, and another anthology comic project which I’m doing the cover for. I’d love to work in animation at some point, particularly on the storyboarding side of things, so lately I’ve been really knuckling down on creating storyboards and reading books about cinematography, screen writing and improvisational acting in the hopes that it will feed back into my work.’




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