Kingston University Graphic Design Graduate Lottie Hanson-Lowe

Lottie Hanson-Lowe recently graduated form studying Graphic Design at Kingston University.


‘My interests have always functioned beyond the realm of design. I define myself as an analytical observer, problem solver and storyteller who collects and combines elements to educate, rather than a traditional designer who creates for visual pleasure.

My portfolio is multi dimensional. On the one side, I produce work that is extremely focused on social issues, using design as a vessel to solve problems within our society, especially focusing on issues faced by women. My work often intervenes existing design to identify, abstract and respond to these issues. For example, I am currently developing a proposed charitable organisation, called, “Women For Women”, that would allow women to gift aid their sanitary-ware purchases. Major brands could then claim tax back to fund the donations of sanitary-ware for homeless women.’


‘On the other hand, however, I have a strong love of nostalgia and history. I collate information and memories to produce work that allows us to reflect on our culture. Often, this interest concludes itself in an editorial design and written word. Recently, in collaboration with Hannah Lee, I wrote and produced a, ‘Manifesto of Kitsch’, which charted the history of kitsch, commenting on the design world’s love of nostalgia aesthetics and its influence on modern design.

I have been fortunate over the past couple of years to receive some positive press for my work, having been featured on Creative Review in 2014 and recently interviewed by i-D and featured on Its Nice That for my zine, “Love Me Do”, which offers a retrospective look on boy bands and their super fans and articles discussing our attitude towards teenage girls in the media. It has been fantastic to see such a positive response and allowed me to use my practice as a platform for discussion about issues that are important to me such as female rights and society’s interactions with popular culture.’

lottie hanson-lowe

‘I suspect I shall be someone who has several different careers throughout out my life. I have no interest in becoming a traditional graphic designer but respect those who do (I don’t think I would be very good at it). I have ambitions to start my own magazine that would share the stories of inspirational, everyday women from around the world (rather like, ‘Riposte’, which is a big influence to me) but on the other hand, I would also like to open my own specialist vintage boutique one day.

For now, I am interning with, ‘Modern Design Review’, which is such an amazing opportunity to be part of a magazine’s production from initial ideas to print and to learn about the editorial process in such a successful and fascinating environment. From September until July, I will be involved with a unique social entrepreneur fellowship scheme that I am not allowed to speak about publicly just yet but which I am very humbled to have been offered a place and look forward to educating myself through unique experiences I would not have otherwise encountered and using my design thinking to help those that I can.’





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