University of Huddersfield Student Beccy Fisk

Beccy Fisk works as a designer at the Huddersfield Student Union, she is also about to start her final year at the University of Huddersfield.


‘Strive isn’t just the identity that I work under, it’s the very ethos that I live by. A manifesto, a lifestyle choice, and attitude. Whenever I’m working on a project, it needs to push the boundaries. Being good isn’t good enough; you don’t achieve your aspirations by doing just enough. Go the extra mile, aim high, work hard.’


‘I’m the kind of designer who isn’t afraid to try something new. In fact, some of my best work has come from trying something completely adventurous. Late night studio sessions with coloured paper and a blank wall led to a year filled with origami installations. I’m a maker of things, objects, and experiences. I adore the opportunity to work with a company to develop their brand to a point where consumers love engaging with them. My work ranges from designing beautiful interactive user experiences on a website, to carefully crafting tactile, textured pieces of print or installations. ‘


‘My first two years at the University of Huddersfield involved a lot of experimentation and discovery. I spent a lot of time trying to work out what kind of designer I wanted to be. But the year I have just spent working as a creative intern at The SHARP Agency in Huddersfield is really where I have learnt the most. It’s taught me that there is more to being a creative than just designing. It’s decision making, planning, strategising, and most importantly; finding the big idea. I also regularly update my blog with advice to students on how to get internships and placements.

I’m about to start a new job as a designer at the Huddersfield Student’s Union, whilst finishing my final year at University. I’m excited to start a new challenge and see where the creative opportunity takes me.’



Website | @BeccyFisk