Artist & Animator Peter Greeves

In his spare time Peter Greeves works on independent projects, but since graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art in Animation Peter has been busy with a range of work for BBC Scotland, Channel 4 and within the games industry.

‘I really enjoy watching the world go by and drawing snap shots of what I see with a twist. My main theme at the moment stems from giving animals or inanimate objects a quirky characteristic and evolving their backstory and world around them from that. Some of the weirdest designs get the best feedback so it’s great to see what connects with people. I take part in Inktober, a social media month long challenge set by @mrjakeparker, which really pushes me to take an idea from concept to completion in less than day. The instant feedback to my designs is invaluable and I love to see how far they get.’

peter greeves toonocalpse

‘Since graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art where I gained a BA(Hons) in Animation, I have taken part in the TRC Media ​Gen Up Scotland Programme, a training initiative for emerging digital talent. The programme included immersion weeks at BBC Scotland and Channel 4, plus an internship at Red Kite Animation studio in Edinburgh which was a great introduction to media, branding and networking.

I have worked in the games industry for 4 years as a Games and Concept Artist, working on Dynamo Games Scottish BAFTA nominated Golf Squared and most recently on Ninja Kiwi’s popular franchise Bloons Monkey City. Through networking with games professionals I was asked to talk at Abertay University about my work and career, and subsequently invited to talk at DeeCon 2014 in Dundee, a convention for anime, comics, games and animation enthusiasts.’

‘My main influences come from people who I meet and work with. I was fortunate enough to work alongside Hugo Cuellar, a digital artist, animation designer and director whilst at Red Kite Animation. His style is gritty, colourful, thought provoking and I like how clear yet detailed his designs are. I also follow the work of CreatureBox, an illustration company who design games and comics for anyone who enjoys “bizarre monster design and comics of spacemen”. Their style is dynamic, light and detailed and I like how their abstract shapes become characters.’

litter louts

‘In my spare time I work on independent projects, most recently for The 2D Workshop as a character designer for the independent animated film Toonocalypse. The film premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and is currently screening at festivals around the world. I again collaborated with The 2D Workshop to create art work for the intro sequence to CBBC TV show Ooglies. I am currently expanding on my illustration work and designing my own online comic book series Litter Louts.’

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