DJCAD Illustration Graduate Anna Doherty

Anna Doherty is a recent illustration graduate from DJCAD.

1 - Edinburgh Map

‘I’m really into combining illustrating and telling stories; I like finding new ways of telling a narrative through interactivity and letting the reader choose which direction the story takes. A lot of my work is focussed on telling stories without the usual book format, for example I have created an interactive book for children centred around a stolen lasagne where clue cards and deduction cards guide the narrative to help readers find the culprit, and a selection of short stories held in ceramic houses which link to each other via the colour of the house they are in, but – as there are several of the same colour houses – the story can be read in almost any order.’

2- House

‘The project that I am working on just now is a series of “story posters” i.e. really short stories in a poster format. I like the idea that people will have things to read on their wall, an entire story in one frame. My influences are wide and varied, I love finding new things to be inspired by around me. I often find ideas hit me at times when I do not have a pen to hand e.g. in the shower or on a bus. A few of my favourite illustrators include Violeta Lopiz, Faye Moorhouse, Jon Klassen and Oliver Jeffers. I love drawing and writing and taking photos and set design.’

3 - Ruby

4 - Noah the Deer

5- G is for Goat

6 - The Bald Man

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