Freelance Designer and Illustrator Claire Morgan

Claire Morgan is a graduate in graphic communication from Birmingham City University.


‘I work across branding, packaging, design for print and illustration. I originally began as a designer but over the past year I’ve found my own style through my love of traditional crafts, printmaking and illustration. I enjoy bringing illustration into all aspects of my design work, including hand drawn typography and logo designs, whilst still exploring illustration on it’s own. I use fantasy themes and intricate details to create stories on pack or in brand.’


‘I really love the work of Steve Simpson; I especially love his colour palettes, use of texture and packaging work. I also get so much inspiration from traveling, around the UK or further away. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some of my favourite places including New York and recently Scandinavia, which was endlessly inspirational! I’m currently working on a series of illustrations and pattern designs inspired by my trip, I’m really enjoying experimenting with my illustration style away from the computer with paints.’


‘I graduated this year with a first class degree and the student of the year award at Birmingham City University which gave me such a push of confidence, which I definitely needed to start freelancing. I then attended New Designers in London which was a great opportunity to meet lots of potential clients and employees. I’m currently working on promoting my freelance skills and setting up a online store to sell my new illustrations.’




Website | @clairecreative_