Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator Joseph Veazey

Joseph Veazey is a graphic designer and illustrator working out of Manhattan, NY. Considering himself a designer who often utilizes illustration as imagery in his work, he has come to special in creative, interactive print pieces, and has done work for clients such as Adult Swim, Vice, Fools Gold Records, and NY-based fashion designer Azede Jean-Pierre.


‘After growing up right outside of Atlanta, Georgia, I attended SCAD, where many hours spent digging through books in the library would lead me find some of my biggest influences. The conceptual and idea-based way of thinking by designers Tibor Kalman and Stefan Sagmeister would greatly influence my work, as well as designers who utilized illustration, such as artists of the Polish Poster School, Push Pin Studios, and Tadanori Yokoo.’


‘After school, I worked for two years on the design team at Adult Swim, then moved to New York and served as Art Director for fashion designer Azede Jean-Pierre; designing invitations, lookbooks, and prints worn by Solange, Lady Gaga, Gillian Jacobs, and others. Finally it was time for me to branch out on my own and I have been fully freelancing for several months now, taking on as much work as I can.’





Website | @veazeyjoseph