Freelance Illustrator Rebecca Padgham

Rebecca Padghamis a graduate of Southampton Solent University (BA Illustration).


‘Since graduating from University in 2014, I have been producing personal work and trying to get into freelance work. I aspire to work in a range of fields including Editorial, Mural design, Publishing, Book Cover Design and producing artwork for food manufacturers.’


‘My interests include coffee, herbal teas, food, fashion, literature, dogs, architecture, music and playing my violin. Whilst many subjects inspire my work, travelling and picking up a good book or reading articles online work as great starting points. Travelling and working on location frees my mind and allows me to work fluidly and immerse myself in subjects which inspire my sketchbooks, as well as opening up ideas for visual narratives. I also make sure I communicate my visuals using my own wit and sense of humour!

My images are all hand-drawn and I often use my own handwriting in combination with image. I work initially in sketchbooks, using a variety of pens, pencils sometimes later combining with printmaking methods or Photoshop.’


‘My current projects involve my sketchbooks, self-promotion and producing work for a Brighton-based Zine Fair.’




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