Furniture Designer and Maker Jon Mitchell

It’s great to be able to look back and revisit the people we’ve featured in the past. Here we revisit the work of Jon Mitchell, he talks in brief about his own experience and aims for the future with his new furniture range.

Making Edison What

‘After first being featured on Design Juices I was able to get work and start a career in the furniture industry, working for a furniture manufacture I designed pieces for the Care and Hotel industry creating bespoke items and preparing those designs along with standard catalogue iteams for production. This was a great opportunity to finally get work and develop a career in the furniture industry, gaining experience in how furniture is seen and manufactured from a industry point of view compared to my previous experience of handmade solid wood furniture.’

Drawing Collection

‘Whilst working i felt a distance from the passion I feel for furniture design and wanted to start developing my own range, drawing on my experiences as a bespoke maker and applying this to designs that are suitable for both batch manufacture and the furniture market. Looking into furniture that is on the high street and online through retailers and manufactures I saw what I felt the designs had become stagnant settling on a standard style that after a while of searching the designs I felt merger into one standard form with no distinction. This is what I want to achieve a range of furniture that has character, purpose, engaging to its surroundings and people so that the furniture isn’t just a piece sat in the corner to fill a space it has to be functional while design lead. Using industry practices with design and manufacture the range quickly developed into pieces that embody my design philosophy and are practical for both the consumer and market we aim to sell to.’

Edison What

‘The range is a continuation of Garage Productions symbolising the bespoke craftsmanship of furniture making whilst embracing modern design and making techniques. The range includes Sideboards,Bedside cabinets and even floor lamps which we are bring into the competitive market with our own fresh approach to give the industry a jolt. Working with another Furniture Maker Nick Hartley who also graduate from the same furniture making course I studied, are own unique philosophy we have carried this over to the use of social media where we are active on Twitter regular updating are followers with images and comments about the stages of design and making, with are own hashtag #WorldBeReady this shows are own confidence of the range and believe that can be a success and start are own furniture design and making business.’

Crossed Off

Hall Table


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