Graphic Designer Alex Heatley

Alex Heatley graduated a year ago from the University of South Wales, Atrium, where she studied Graphic Communication.


‘Over my time in university we covered a wide range of graphic design from packaging to touching on web design. It’s great to try a wide range of design instead of sticking to one type of design as it’s great fun and effective to mix and match. Many of the projects in University I ended up using food or paint to create different outcomes.’


‘I love the work of Steve Simpson and (seasidespirit) Adrian Macho’s work. They are both super talented and have a wicked art style that is full of colour and depth. The subject of the artwork is also always spot on.

Sometimes my work comes across more art based than graphic design. I’m always doodling and love doing design favours for friends, the last favour was a book cover for my good friend Joe Stevenson. Next book is in production.’


‘Now working as a Graphic Designer I can’t be as creative as i’d like to be now due to clients needs, but by popping to places like London, Manchester or Bristol, when I can, they are such great places to check out the graffiti and exhibitions. It can get you thinking creatively with ideas popping into your head and see what art styles people are into at the moment. It’s a a great way to keep the creativity alive.’



Behance | @alex_doodles