Graphic Designer & Colour Consultant Annalise Lewis

Annalise Lewis is a Graphic Designer, a practitioner of Applied Colour Psychology and a Colour Consultant.

Colour Charts 3

‘As many designers will know, colour is its own language. When used appropriately it can make or break a piece of design, it can portray a luxury brand when harmonised properly or completely cheapen a product if not applied with care, consideration and a rationale.

One of my most recent projects was creating colour charts to be given to my clients in Personal Colour Consultations. The process is based around the Colour Affects System of four archetypal personalities / palettes. The charts are based on the personality, style preference and physical appearance of the client. Selecting appropriate and individualised colours / palettes because of their innate psychological effects and qualities. The charts needed to be simple, elegant yet modern in order to appeal to all ages. It also needed to be something that people would be proud to get out of their bag when shopping, to help assist in fashion choices.’

Giggle Gum

‘Colour is an important component to my design work as can be seen in other projects. ‘Giggle Gum’ packaging design for 1920’s speakeasy alcoholic bubble gum relied heavily on a youthful Spring colour palette to keep the product modern, playful and cheeky. ‘Who Cares? Exhibition’ concept to get teenagers more involved in The Turner Art Prize needed to be punchy and rebellious to reflect an anarchic attitude of cultural disobedience.’

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Turner Prize

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