Christian Schubert tells us how he went from Advertising Creative to Illustrator

Chrisitan Schubert is a graduate of The Norwich University of the Arts (2007) he is now an illustrator after his reinvention from previously working as an advertising creative.


‘I think my favourite description someone once gave my work was ‘Evil, but in a good way’. Which I guess you could say it is! I don’t think I have ever consciously tried to make evil images, I’ve always wanted to make illustrations that are interesting, funny, or just plain weird.

I love colour and try to make my images as bold and bright as I possibly can. I think a lot of this comes from when I was younger and was obsessed with video games. There was this shop I practically lived in that sold all these cool games from Japan. The Japanese games had beautiful box art and used colour in such a bold way that I had never seen before. So I ended up buying a lot of Japanese games over the English version, simply because of the art.’


‘I Studied at The Norwich University of the Arts, finishing in 2007. After graduating I felt a little dissatisfied with the education I’d received and Illustration as a whole. I then went on to study a Post-grad Degree in Advertising, and spent the next few years working as an Advertising Creative. It was during this time I started to rekindle my love for drawing again, and decided to give it another go. So here I am!’


‘I have a lot of influences, but the ones I keep returning to are: Edward Burra, a fantastic eccentric British painter who doesn’t get the recognition his work deserves, Mitch Hedberg, a comedian who’s thoughts I envy bitterly. I listen to Howard Stern a helluva lot and think he has a big influence on my ideas. And in terms of Illustration, I think Brecht vandenbroucke is fantastic. I love his style and his ideas. His work has a depth to it that not a lot of other Illustrators have. I’d like to be as good as him one day.

At the moment I’m working on a personal project involving giants, getting better at making comics, and working on improving my portfolio.’