Production Artist & Animator Hugo Cuellar

Hugo Cuellar left Santa Cruz, Bolivia and came to the UK to study Animation at the Edinburgh College of Art. After living Scotland for almost 10 years, during which he worked as a storyboard artist, character and background artist, animator and director, Hugo moved to London and has been working as a freelancing production artist and animator since.

‘Having had such a varied professional experience has given me a very good global view of the production process and has enabled me to be flexible enough to work in different departments of an animation studio. I love the craft and artistry that is involved in all stages of animation.’


‘I take the same approach when it comes to Illustration. I was traditionally trained in drawing and fine art, but working in the industry has taught me to be open to different approaches to drawing, colour and movement. I don’t think I have a defined personal “style”and more importantly, I don’t think I want to. Much of the time, the style of a piece is dictated by the subject of the picture as well as my gut feeling. Whatever the final result, I always enjoy the process.’