Salford University Graduate Rachel Pegram

Rachael Pegram graduated in graphic design from Salford University in 2013. Since graduating she has decided to not pursue a career in graphics, instead she keeps in touch with the industry through her freelance writing.

Rachael Pegram recut6

‘This project is called ‘Recut‘ and was originally my NMP in my last year at Salford. I enjoyed creating these collages so much that I have since continued creating new ones when I get spare time.

Each piece represents a well known or classic film in a slightly abstract way, therefore inviting the viewer to guess which film it is portraying. The name ‘Recut’ came from the fact that I was re-imagining these famous films in new ways, and also playing on the film directors popular line: ‘Cut!’. It also refers to the way in which I created the images – using cut and stick collage. I found the images mostly from old books and children’s annuals from the 1950’s which I scavenged for in second hand book shops!’

Rachael Pegram recut7

‘I really like the ‘guessing game’ element in the series and I’ve always found that people I have shown them to really enjoy trying to guess what the film is.

Although this project is still in early stages, despite me starting it so long ago, I would really like to expand it someday if I can. I’d love to collaborate with other artists or even film makers in some way, though I’m not entirely sure how just yet. I’m still figuring that out!’

Rachael Pegram recut5

‘The inspiration for the project mainly came from a combination of my love of film and the thousands of ‘guess the..’ game-based apps that were on the market at the time. A lot of them used emoji and other images and I thought to myself ‘how can I put a unique slant on this kind of game?’. And that is how ‘Recut’ was born.

As part of the project I began applying the collages to merchandise such as framed prints, t-shirts and tote bags. I also began designing a quiz-style app and a card game.’

Rachael Pegram recut

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