Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator Charlie Abbas

Charlie Abbas is a a multidisciplinary artist, choosing his media and style to best reflect the ethos of a project.

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‘I work best when surrounded with like-minded creatives and enjoy sharing concepts and techniques as well as working on collaborations. My main source of inspiration comes from the natural world and environmental issues as well as philosophy and sociology.

I have always been interested in sustainable design; my most recent project I designed and built ‘AnimaMundi,’ an educational, environment awareness board game. The characters played within the game are ‘Eco’ and ‘Ego’ and players battle to either preserve or destroy the environment. The game focuses on deforestation and aims to educate through visual and subconscious learning. Sending messages through my work is something that I always strive for whether it’s making a statement or a more subliminal approach.’


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‘Recently graduating from the Graphic Design and Illustration course at De Montfort University I am now looking for work in the creative sector. After relocating to Bristol to be surrounded by a hub of creativity, I have started several new projects reflecting back on what I learnt as a student such as branding, design and illustration, sculpture, technical drawing and print making.

My working style can be extremely diverse and I enjoy the challenge of learning new media and skills.’

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