Freelance Illustrator and Designer Jeremy Booth

Jeremy Booth is freelance illustrator and designer from Louisville Kentucky.


‘I have been freelancing for a little over a year now. I actually have no formal education in design or illustration a like. About 5 years ago I dropped out of a private college in Southern California and didn’t know what was next. The only thing I knew how to do at that point was use photoshop. Moving home to Louisville was vital to me during this transition process because there were less distractions and I had more time to develop my skill-sets.’


‘After a year of settling in at home I was working as a Nurses Assistant and freelancing on the side. Everything was going well until I became ill. I had my first seizure at a local coffee shop while working on a project. It was the first of many for the next 9 months. At this point I couldn’t work at the hospital because I couldn’t drive and I was a risk to the patients. Oddly enough at this time I got a phone call from a local church about a half a mile from my house looking for a designer. I took that as my first design job and was able to walk to work. To make a long story short I was having seizures for 9 months and after testing the doctors had found a tumor on the right side of my brain. In February 2013 I had brain surgery, they removed the mass and I have been seizure free since.’


‘It was during that hardship that I was committed more to my craft. Instead of being depressed and down I had a drive to better myself and I spent more time learning and shaping my design and illustration skills. My work became something I could hold on to and focus on during that season, to a degree it saved my life. I believe that hardship helped shape my foundation of who I am as a designer today. What I think we can learn from this story is that in order to succeed we must stay the course, when life dumps on you or your frustrated with your work keep going. You’ll be better once you reach the other side.’


‘A lot of my inspiration is derived from what we as humans create on this earth, for example cars, buildings, guns, and technology. I feel I have the most fun in my work when creating something like that. I have recently been working on illustrating humans. I find them to be more difficult to illustrate in their organic nature but with effort and time I will get there. As far as current work goes I am wrapping up an animation project with Seth Eckert at The Furrow. I am really excited to see how his team will animate what I have been working on.’



Website | @jeremybooth