Illustration Graduate Jill McDonald

Jill McDonald is a graduate of the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design with a first class honours degree in illustration.

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‘After finishing my degree I moved from Scotland to Canada to hike, snowboard and experience life in a wee mountain town. I am currently living and working in Whistler, British Columbia surrounded by mountains, bears, and lakes, which is pretty ideal for me! I’m always stoked to be outside and I draw inspiration from my surroundings – which is what inspired this hand-drawn snowboard.’

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‘I created this piece by buying an old and unused snowboard, spray painting it white and then just free handing illustrations all over it with a sharpie pen. It was a lot of fun to draw as I love just getting lost in a drawing – just drawing whatever pops in to your mind and seeing where the piece goes! The board was for a competition by the Whistler local board company, Prior. They run a competition every year to design a snowboard topsheet and the winner gets their artwork added in to their line of next seasons snowboards. It’s a locally run competition for local artists in the sea to sky area of British Columbia, so I was really excited to be a part of it!

My board is currently in the final of the competition and was recently featured in their annual topsheet art exhibition which was awesome.The art work on the board was inspired by classical tattoo art, and of course my beautiful new home here in BC. I wanted to make something that just captured what snowboarding is all about, and something that would appeal to everyone who just loves to ride. It was fun to give the old board a new lease of life, and as soon as winter rolls in and I’m keen to throw some bindings on it and take it up the hill for a wee spin!’

Jill Mcdonald illustration

Jill Mcdonald snowboard

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