Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator Nicola Jones

Nicola Jones is a Freelance Marketing & Brand Designer by day working up magnificent works of business art, (logos, magazine layout, brochures) and poster designer by night, creating minimal prints based largely on film and tv, well, Back To The Future.


‘A self taught graphic designer, after changing career in my mid 30s, I decided if I didn’t do it then, I never would, and it’s changed my life completely. Several years spent interning, learning and living in a whirlwind of design I became fully freelance in 2014 and finally gave up the admin career I’d tolerated for 19 years.

The journey was hard, the ups and the downs are still ongoing but I couldn’t stand at the end of my life wondering “what if?”, I’m really glad I’m here now.’


‘During that time, I developed a love of flat design; full of colour, bold, minimal statements are my favourite avenues to go down which is what took me on my Back To The Future journey my favourite trilogy (except maybe the third one), BTTF has become something of an obsession, I’m always thinking up different ways to minimally illustrate the tiniest detail. I’m constantly inspired by the tiny details, subtlety and seeing what others don’t, I’m a huge fan of highlighting those using design, flat design lends itself well to that.

To celebrate the recent Back To The Future Day (21st Oct 2015), I rebooted my Delorean design and created a brand new ‘Penguin Book Cover’ Back To The Future print design.’



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