Freelance Illustrator Marina Muun

Marina Muun graduated in 2014 from Camberwell College where she completed her MA in Illustration and a BA in Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth.


‘I take inspiration from everything around me, art books, literature, photography and sometimes from the unlikeliest things, some are so unlikely it seems ridiculous to even say them out loud! I also often go to the Central St Martins library and just browse through books of all kinds.

In my editorial work I have to engage with a lot of complicated issues some very positive and uplifting and some not so much. I try to come up with a conceptually strong yet balanced solution to each brief. It’s fun, like a new puzzle to solve each time and it is quite fast paced so it’s a great training ground for your mind.’


‘In my personal work I like drawing things which are slightly more wacky and surreal, but there is definitely a constant interchange of ideas and techniques between that and my commissioned work. One thing that has changed in the past year is that I have become a lot more patient. Often I would let a piece sit for a few months before I print or publish it just to see how I feel about it. It’s a completely different pace of working. There is more time to explore tangents and be really self indulgent.’





Website | @marinamuun