Graphic Design Graduate Shweta Sharma

Shweta Sharma was born in India but raised in Toronto, she is a graduate of OCAD University in Graphic Design.


‘Shweta (pronounced Shway-duh) is the girl wearing the funky coat, eating a red velvet cupcake and talking to the random old lady on the same bus as you. She is the one with the big curly hair who speaks with her eyes. Don’t look at She has a passion for design, but hates calling herself a designer. She’s an “explorer”, because what is design anyway? Growing up in an Indian family and being influenced in a variety of cultures, Shweta enjoys fusing different styles and genres in her personal work. She aims to tackle sociopolitical issues and wants to speak to her generation, and the ones to come. Her work is loud, truthful and aims to seduce multiple senses.

Born in India, raised in Toronto. Shweta attended OCAD University for Graphic Design, completing her Bachelor of Design degree in 2015. She is continuously inspired by the people and places around her, including Toronto’s music, art and fashion scene. She is always looking to take part in community involvement, helping kids or spreading positivity. She is currently figuring out her direction in life and where she is meant to go.’


‘Shweta is constantly working on personal side projects. Some include magazines, zines, paintings, binding notebooks, making patterns and practicing hand lettering. She is currently available for freelance work, or down to talk about anything on your mind.’