Graphic Designer Joshua Kop aka BJM Creative

Australian born and raised, Joshua Kop is a full-time graphic designer who now works in the Netherlands.


‘I’ve been working full-time as Graphic Designer the past seven years. In the last three years I’ve ventured into the world of freelance and am combining the two. My freelance work ranges from packaging design to graphic design and illustration. The latter being my true passion.

Although I studied Art in high school, my formal design education has been acquired in a somewhat different way to most. I’ve attended night schooling, design courses and self-teaching courses. Plus a range of other methods to gain the knowledge I required to complete my natural, raw illustration and design talent. I find continuous learning and skill building very important.’


‘I am Australian born and raised but reside now in the Netherlands with my wife and four kids. Time and management are key words here,

These images are from my creator owned book Polar Wars. I will be looking to launch this on Kickstarter very soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to gain enough traction and have one of my wishes fulfilled. I can’t give away the story just yet but basically it involves polar bears and penguins going at it!’





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