Print Designer and Illustrator Lucy Wilkins

Lucy Wilkins is a print designer and illustrator with a quirky retro style.

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‘I graduated in 2014 with a first class honours degree in ‘Surface Design and Printed Textiles’, specialising in hand screen printing taking inspiration from my 1950’s crockery collection and retro colour palette.

I have gradually built up my own collection of prints, hand printed cards and notebooks, designed by drawing up inspiration from the 1950’s retro era for its colour palette and kitsch patterns. Aswell as nostalgic memories as a child from yearly camping holidays by the seaside which make up most of the collection. Each design, whether it is a print or card is designed to make one smile or spark a memory. It all began with the idea of bringing together my love of quotes and sayings, combining them with my hand drawn illustrations.’

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‘I started my collection using a very traditional way of printing using a small letterpress printer; the printer sits in a little makeshift studio at the end of my garden in North London. This is where I print the greetings cards that make up part of my collection, draw, design and paint. I feel it is important to always have an element of hand printing in my collection, and love the process of letterpress printing.

At the moment I am playing with a new colour palette, with muted tones to eventually produce a range of cushions, building my collection and adding a new element. I am always designing up new prints too, with sayings and quotes kept in a notebook for when a new idea sparks to mind!’

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