Screen: A New Conceptual Design Approach for Movies and TV

Screen is a new conceptual design approach for Movies and TV that provides engaging visuals with a clear user experience.

‘I am a graphic designer as well as a huge movie fan. For years it has frustrated me that good design sense and movie websites have been kept apart. I was inspired to start a conceptual design project called ‘Screen’. This project would be a new design approach for Movies and TV that would provide engaging visuals, with a clear user experience.

So many websites nowadays are bloated with informational content. Screen sifts through this content to present only the necessary information on the top level. This provides the user with a simpler, clutter-free browsing experience with a clear hierarchy of content.

Screen offers a variety of content across movies and TV. From breaking news, to features, opinion pieces, reviews, lists, quizzes, and Screen School which provides educational content about the industry and techniques.’