The Art and Illustrations of ChiChiLand

Çiğdem Chi Michalski is an Istanbul born illustrator and designer currently working out of San Francisco.


‘I studied Visual Communication in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (USA) and lived in few different cities until residing in San Francisco. In the last decade I was the creative half of an Istanbul based motion design studio-imago. I worked both as an art director and illustrator with a variety of great clients from big brands to one person shops, from motion graphics to printmaking.’


‘Currently I’m working under my brand ChiChiLand, focusing on art and illustration. I enjoy creating fun creatures, colorful lands, shapes and patterns. I am somewhat obsessed with socks, food, as well as any made up creatures that have eyes, legs or better yet – creatures wearing socks and eating something. They all live in a constantly growing world named The ChiChiLand.

ChiChiLand has cars with socks, alligators with bikinis, trees on high heels, fish wearing fluffy skirts, fancy hats and more…’


‘I recently debuted my first hand printed scarf collection, which is going to be available in the selected shops in the near future.’


‘Currently I’m working on a very fun animation piece with my filmmaker husband Quba Michalski.

Additionally I have a new ongoing project called Weekly Bits + Sketchbook , where I publish an illustration and a sketch every week. This is sort of similar to my ChiChiLand Everyday Project that I recently concluded, which I created an illustration for every single day for 2 years.’




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