Graphic Designer and Illustrator Sana Iqbal

Sana Iqbal is a recent graduate from Liverpool John Moores University in Graphic Design and Illustration.


‘I was drawn to design because of it’s power to communicate and make a genuine difference in people’s lives. I enjoy using design to solve problems whether it’s tackling hard topics or fixing branding issues.’


A recent project of mine called ‘Impossible Until Done‘ optimises my passion for design. It was influenced by my dissertation analysing the impact of graphic design on the 2010 British General Election. It was eye opening to discover the importance of branding and advertising to influence the electorate.’


‘Impossible Until Done’ began as a project to increase voting turnout. Through more research I discovered that low voting turnout was a symptom of an even bigger problem, which was disengagement. In recent years scandals, austerity and growing social inequality have destroyed the public’s faith in government. For the two-thirds who do vote it’s often one visit to the polling station then back to five years of political hibernation.’


‘Disengagement has pulled Britain further away from a true democracy. Instead the country has been ran by politicians driven by self-interest and left unaccountable for their actions. Cooperate greed has poisoned parliament to push policies for profits and not for the people’s need. Problems like the average person paying a higher percentage of tax than corporations like Amazon isn’t a coincidence. It what happens when we leave politics to politicians. Getting engaged will help solve these issues by bringing politicians accountable and shaping the agenda to the public’s interest. All of the great campaigns, from votes for women to the abolition of slavery, all succeeded against hopeless odds. They all believed in a better society and got active in making it a reality.’


‘I developed three steps to getting politically engaged; education, communication and activism. I reduced down mountains of information to short statements making politics easy to understand. I wanted my design to be exciting, honest and communicate at a personal level. I also wanted to refresh political design by moving away from the traditional red-white-blue colour palette and brandishing logos. I created vibrant screen print for backdrops and added slip ins with my own political stories and advice. The title was the hardest part and I decided to research people who had inspired me. A quote from Nelson Mandela inspired the publication’s name ‘Impossible Until Done’. I’m currently developing this project into a campaign in hope of the message reaching more people.’


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