Creative Collective: Jamming in the Attic

Jamming in the Attic is a creative collective based on the Isle of Wight consisting of David Greenman, Darren Greenman, Dan Morrison and James Jack.

‘We primarily work with Isle of Wight musicians to create digital media and professional music videos, that include blends of live-action and animation to create something unique. The four of us come from either a graphic design, film or animation education at university and since graduating we have all worked independently on freelance projects. With our varied skill set and passion for design and music we believed that by working together we were able to create some stylised music videos that incorporate animation on top of filmed footage that interact with each other.

Our latest work was creating a music video for local musician Lauran Hibberd. She came to us wanting a music video for her debut single “The House I Built When I Was Small”. She briefed us on how the video had to highlight the touching comparison between facing reality as a child and facing reality as an adult with the inclusion of animation as well as incorporating a dolls house that she owned when she was younger. Myself and Dan Morrison began sketching out ideas and animatics which led us to the idea of portraying a journey where Lauran herself would embark on a walk in search for a house that she believed was her safe haven when she was younger. We used the idea that the world that she was walking through was part of a dream; super-imposing the dolls house within the video to make it look like a full size house. As she gets closer to the house she finds that its really just a normal dolls and watches a younger animated version of her self, happy and playing. ‘

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‘Our influences for our work vary from client to client. We work closely with the client and the particular song to ensure that we are all on the same page in creating something exciting and unique. Listening to the music and lyrics is often the starting point for each project to get the right feel and style and this often leads us in the right direction on where to take the video next. Often if were creating a brand for a musician that includes album art as well as a video, usually aspects from the still imagery of the artwork influence the style of the video.

In 2014 we created a music video for country/pop musician Claydon Connor called Under The Big Sky. The idea of the video was that the musician would interact with animations by drawing them on using the sky as his canvas. The video gave us complete creative freedom where each animation he drew would be part of a puzzle which would all make sense near the end of the video. With it being a one take style music video the filming process took quite a while to ensure that each aspect was timed perfectly to the song.’

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‘We already have a few projects lined for 2016. We are currently in the early stages of talks with a musician based in the midlands for a music video. As well as this, we are finishing off editing footage from a short film that we shot last year (non music video related) which we hope to be completed this summer. Self promotion is going to be a big aspect of this year with the hope to branch out to musicians off the Island.’



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