Artist and Illustrator Daria Hlazatova

Daria Hlazatova is an artist and illustrator who grew up a little town near the Carpathians. She has worked with various magazines and music labels including Subpop and Sony and is a member of PRISMA artist collective.


‘Art for me has always been about complete freedom, a cornucopia of dreams and emotions, situations, faces and thoughts that can be filtered through oneself into a piece of work. Art within me is rather rebellious and is always wanting to get out. Being a self-taught artist/illustrator has given me the privilege to disregard the rules and approach the drawing naturally. I love to be ruled by the subconscious when looking for ideas. I think this approach is best expressed through the advice of Samuel Beckett ‘to dance first and think later.’ In my case it’s ‘draw first and don’t analyze.’


‘My work is largely inspired by travel, books, and music, which has been with me since early childhood. I listened to my parents’ old tapes of The Beatles and Rolling Stones, somehow doodling, singing and dancing simultaneously, which I am afraid didn’t produce any worthy drawings, but I kept on doing it passionately and determinedly. It was about 4 years ago that my work saw the light after being stacked in the drawers for a long time.’


‘Meeting wonderful people of The Avery Hill Publishing and releasing my first little book with them was the highlight of the year. A is for Amos is an A to Z collection of portraits of musicians that have at different times in my life influenced my work and inspired me in a way. The diversity of the musical artists featured in the book I am sure will allow everyone to find a favourite letter: Tchaikovsky stands next to Underworld here. It was a joy to draw and a challenge to choose whom to feature as I eventually had to leave out so many (New Order! Cure!) but perhaps the sequel will follow some day.’


‘Currently I am producing work for my solo show this summer, which unsurprisingly will be connected with music. I have a guitar to paint, an illustration to complete, an animation to make, and a hundred or so personal projects to start on, which should be fun!’



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