Digital & Mixed Media Illustrator Antonio Páramo

Antonio Páramo was born in Mallorca, Spain, where he studied Illustration. He is a digital and mixed media illustrator currently based in Cologne, Germany.


‘My work focuses on the diversity of the beauty. I love to draw unconventional people that love who they are and don’t care about what others say about them. I’m specially in love with plus size women and that’s why I like to draw them so much. I truly believe that everybody has its own beauty.

When I’m creating I love to mix media like photography and digital art in a way that looks like they are somehow fighting for the attention rather than working together. However I always lean towards the digital side of illustration because I really like the unnatural look of digital art and I don’t see myself working only with traditional media. In future works I’m thinking about mixing color pencils and watecolor with digital drawings.’


‘My influences are varied because my artwork it’s a mixture of line art, photography or digital color. I like comic book cartoonists like Charles Burns, illustrators like Conrad Roset or Oriol Angrill, photographers like Man Ray or William Eggleston and more contemporary ones like Akif Hakan. And of course a lot of classic artists like Gerhard Richter, Kandinsky, Mondrian.’




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